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Black Friday End
Hello Black Friday End

Upgrade and Rent ref price is back to normal ! thank to members

Published on 24-11-2018
Payeer Addfunds

Hello members,our payeer is not working at this moment (We fixed and hope it's work on next 24 hours)
If you want top up your purchase balance on by use payeer You can

Send money to P1005513686 or Addfunds through

Send us a ticket we will confirm and pop-up your account

Thanks you and sorry about this


Published on 20-11-2018

First we thanks you are a part of team is long term-business from Turkey, take your time paid money and trusted to all members Paid Everyday and Free upgrade 365 days cost $36 for first 2000 members
Our min-request-withdraw is $1 and no maximum payout until we payout 2000 dollars

Here it's come : [b]Black Friday Sale[/b]
Rent ref price is $0.1 for all membership
10% off upgrade[/u]

Join us now


Published on 18-11-2018

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